Raising children with trust

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Raising children with Trust I
Raising children with trust II
Have you ever seen a mother duck swimming around the pond look over her shoulder and ask where her ducklings are and why they taking so long? No? So why do ducklings follow their mother? It is innate for them to know that without her, they are lost, and so is the trust the mother duck has in her young. She knows that they will give their all to follow her. Many human children act as if they were no longer conscious of their dependency, and many parents have lost trust in their children. Parents notice that children no longer follow them, but put up opposition wherever they can.
The author shows surprisingly simple ways of ending this power struggle, through a join-up. He not only uses Monty Roberts' lanquage, that of the «horse whisperer», but also his behaviour with horses as a point of comparison for this new parent-child relationship. It is easier to bring a child into the join-up than to keep him there. The author shows how parents unconsciously lose their children's trust and how this perpetuates a negativ image of human beings from generation to generation; we thus are wary of each other and tend only to see the «mote in the other's eye.»
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